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Auto Financing Papers

FREE auto financing downloads without user registration - simply click and take

Auto Financing Map

The map summarizes the auto lending process - should you finance or lease your auto? It guides you through the process with reference links that will answer your question.

The auto financing map references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Home Equity Lender Shopping Sheet

Auto Financing Shopping List

Use this valuable auto financing shopping list to shop and compare auto lenders and terms. Start your auto application through our national lending network and use the form to note lenders quotes and terms. Compare offers among lenders to select best overall rate and terms.

The auto financing shopping sheet references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Home Equity Lender Shopping Sheet

Auto Shopping Guide

Use this quick 1-page shopping guide to find your next car. The guide allows to compare cars side-by-side to get the best auto deal. The guide references our auto showroom where you can search both new and used autos from a network of dealers, traders, classified ads, lease swaps, and online auto auctions.

The auto shopping guide references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Auto Showroom

Loan Calculators Spreadsheet

Have this loan calculators handy anytime you want to calculate monthly payments, compare two or more loans, estimate your debt payoff options, understand your debt ratio, plus run amortization figures. There are 12 nifty calculators all indexed on an excel spreadsheet that you can download FREE to your desktop.

File Type: excel worksheet


Loan Calculators

Bank Equity Specifications

This form outlines the specifications needed for a Bank Equity Plan. The Bank Equity Plan allows you to manage your money using the equity value of your home to minimize interest costs on your auto purchase.

The specifications references our site at:

File Type: pdf


12-Step Mortgage Plan

Bank Equity 10-Step Plan

You can use the equity value in your home to become a bank. That means all of your money will be managed using the Bank Equity Plan to maximize benefits and reduce financing costs on your auto and other financing needs.

The 10-Step plan summarizes how to maximize your benefits the Bank Equity Plan.

The 10-step plan references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Inventory List for Moving

Loan Amortization Worksheet

How much is your monthly loan payment? How much of your monthly payment pays down the principal and how much of it pays the interest? If you paid an extra $50 per month, how fast can you payoff your loan?

These questions and others can be easily answered with our loan amortization worksheet. It is a simple Excel worksheet with all of the calculations needed to answer payment and payoff amounts. Simply enter your numbers and have it automatically calculate your payoff position.

File Type: excel worksheet


Loan Amortization Worksheet