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Going-to-College Moving Checklist

Moving to college? Note that you will be setting up your own home while at college. All of those little items your mother has such as bandages, cotton swaps, safety pins, drinking glasses, bakeware, and many other stuff will now need to be purchased and supplied when you move to college:

  • bath and bed
  • medicine cabinet
  • clothing
  • computer (tech stuff)
  • study supplies
  • kitchen
  • food items
  • laundry
  • clean up
  • miscelleaneous
  • essential
  • housing
  • move day and travel
  • other

The college moving checklist references our site at:

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College Moving Checklist

Shopping for College

Use this 1-page form to shop our Student Center for everything you need while living at college:

  • find housing
  • get transportations
  • shop items for the dorm
  • compare tech gadgets (computers, hand-helds, etc.)
  • take care of your personal needs
  • buy school supplies and textbooks
  • purchase all of your sporting and entertainment needs
  • plus much more

Santa's list references our site at:

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Student Shopping