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Lowering Your Monthly Bills

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Lowering Your Monthly Bills Guide

A collection of input sheets that allow note taking as your look for ways to lower your monthly expenses. The sheets reference our bills section for tips on reducing monthly expenses in the following categories:

  • housing expenses
  • transportation expenses
  • family care expenses
  • living expenses
  • recreation expenses
  • debt obligations

It also provides a section for increase the following categories:

  • income
  • savings

The worksheet references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Lowering Your Monthly Bills

Loan Calculators Spreadsheet

Have this loan calculators handy anytime you want to calculate monthly payments, compare two or more loans, estimate your debt payoff options, understand your debt ratio, plus run amortization figures. There are 12 nifty calculators all indexed on an excel spreadsheet that you can download FREE to your desktop.

File Type: excel worksheet


Loan Calculators